What does is take to be a Great Real Estate Agent

great real estate agent

What Does it Take to Be a Great Real Estate Agent?

Because acting as a real estate agent implies that the individual agent has the skills and proper credentials to do so, it is essential to understand what that job entails. Real estate agents everywhere require valid and current state licenses issued by the body that governs real estate agents in the state they operate in. Their duties are outlined by state law to permit agents to maintain a license in good standing. This is true for real estate agents in Jackson TN. An office devoted to handling real estate transactions like the professionals at the Carney & Dement Team typify the industry skills required to excel at meeting the needs of their real estate clients.

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Complying with the minimum state credentials does not automatically make for a great real estate agent Because being an effective real estate agent requires superior people skills, a great agent must possess above-average people skills and must relate well to all types of clients without exception. If you are trying to work with a group of real estate agents in Jackson TN, you should look for a quality group such as the Carney & Dement Team.


Some Real Estate Agents, such as ones who are part of the Carney and Dement Team, go further in their education as real estate agents to become affiliated with the National Association of Realtors (NAR) and can then use the official title of Realtor. Membership in the NAR is not required for state licensure but does require those who qualify for that accreditation to maintain their accreditation by taking and passing additional valuable courses on the economic aspects of real estate, the interpersonal side of dealing with clients, and public policy issues inherent in property ownership, among many other matters.

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A great real estate agent must use her best efforts to show quality property to the client. The agent should establish a clear pattern of representing either a buyer’s interests or a seller’s interests. Each side is owed different representation beyond honesty and fair dealing.


Above all other factors, a real estate agent must want to BE a great real estate, and must be willing to serve her clients faithfully and professionally in pursuit of those aims. Client confidences must be kept safe. A real estate agent may not disclose confidential information, including financial or social information to the other side during a meeting between the parties.


A great real estate agent must regard herself as alway being on duty in front of her public, whether at the mall, at church, or anywhere in the public light. A wise and great real estate agent should never be without business cards or marketing aids. If a great real estate agent performs at her peak ability, she should gain a great reputation and a have a promising following!

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